Birds view of a building with solar panels.

Zero Net Energy/Zero Net Carbon Assistance for Municipal Buildings

As part of their commitment to fight climate change, many Bay Area jurisdictions are adopting Zero Net Energy/Zero Net Carbon (ZNE/ZNC) goals for their buildings. Zero Net Energy buildings produce as much energy on-site as they use. All-electric buildings that produce as much energy on-site as they use are also Zero Net Carbon.

BayREN provides free engineering technical assistance and resources to help local governments save energy and money while reducing their carbon footprints by moving towards ZNE/ZNC with their buildings.

Technical Assistance Program

BayREN helps municipalities retrofit or construct buildings to meet zero net energy (ZNE) or zero net carbon (ZNC) goals by providing engineering analysis and recommendations.

ZNE/ZNC Resources

Find additional resources for municipal ZNE/ZNC projects and planning.

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